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Ohad Steinhart

Founder & CEO

Of Israeli nationality, expert in security matters. His extensive experience is based on his participation as an ex-combatant in special forces belonging to the Israeli army, specializing in the fight against terrorism and special operations. He has been an instructor of the Ramat Shooting Academy of arms in Israel, where he trained private and government groups, as well as in Guatemala, where he started in the 1990s. Then he founded his company in 1993, Executive Decision, S.A. to provide a wide range of safety and training services. He currently offers consulting and security services to various private entities and families, as well as services in concerts and large exclusive events. Mr. Steinhart has planned and directed protection operations at an international level, operating in more than 15 different countries. Mr. Steinhart has supervised and trained Agents in national and international environments, in terms of protection and security.

Meir Steinhart

Senior Consultant

Leadership Expert, International Institute for Haistadrut Leadership (Israel). The academic degrees obtained by Meir Steinhart at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Haifa are: BA in Pedagogy, Literature and Literature, History, in 1967; MA in Educational Administration and Curriculum (Thesis: Cultures), in 1990; PhD. In Philosophy of Education (Thesis: Ethiopian Teens) in the year 2000.
Some of the professional activities performed by Steinhart, from 2008 to 2017, are: University of Haifa: Researcher in the office of Prof. Miriam Ben Peretz; Associate Professor of the International Institute for Leadership – Histadrut (ILO), Alqasemi College University and Mashav, with workshops in Israel, El Salvador (Ministry of Public Security), Honduras, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala (Mineduc), in Colombia (Ministry of Defense) , Ecuador, Russia, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay (Penitentiary Systems), among others.
Steinhart is the Pedagogical Director of the Palestinian-Israeli Spanish Educational Project for Peace and a Member of the Arab-Jewish Teachers Forum (2012-2017).
His publications include: Judeo-Latin American teenagers and the search for their cultural roots. MA Thesis in Educational Administration and Curriculum: University of Haifa, in 1990; various publications from 1995 to 2012, such as: Peace Education Manual, Education as a means of Peacebuilding, Palestinian-Israeli Project. – International Institute for Leadership-Histadrut, The Palestinian House for Professional Solutions.

Benoit Grenier

Senior Consultant

Mr. Benoit Grenier Grenier was born and raised in Joliette Québec, attended the University of Quebec in the Bachelor of Business Administration Program and is a personal protection specialist (PPS). Mr. Benoit has had a long and distinguished career in business, holding positions such as Human Resources Manager, District Operations Manager, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Director of Risk and Security Management before becoming founder of ProActive Risk Management – PARM where he is currently President and CEO.

Julio Colón

Senior Consultant

With 30 years of experience providing control and order services in mass events, advice and training in the field of comprehensive security both nationally and internationally. He is the Founding Director of the Security Chamber of Guatemala. He has been Coordinator of the interinstitutional security commissions of the National Football Federation in FIFA events at the National Selection level, General Coordinator of Security in High Level Events with more than 100,000 spectators, Coordinator of the Security Commissions of some governmental entities , such as, National Elections of the Electoral Boards of the Department of Guatemala and the Central District of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal; member of the Security Operations Center in the Population and Housing Census 2018, classified as high risk events among others; besides working as a consultant in Risk Management.

David Martínez

Senior Consultant

International Polygraphist expert with 28 years of experience in performing Pre-Employment, Periodic or Routine and Specific Research Polygraphic Tests, advising different multinational companies nationally and internationally. Criminologist of Profession and Polygraphist, Graduated in 1988 The Nathional Training Center of Polygraph Science, based in New York, is an Active Member of the Academy of Certified Polygraphists (ACP), Active Member of the American Polygraph Association (APA), Active Member of the Latin American Polygraph Association (ALP), of which he was president in the period 1999-2000 and in 2006 to 2008 he was President of the Salvadoran Polygraph Association. (ASP). in 2016 he obtained the Quality Controller Certification in Polygraph extended by APA, ALP and ASTM. He is currently a member of the presidential committee of the ALP.

Victor Corzo

Academic Director

Mr. Víctor Corzo, has been Advisor and Professional Instructor of Escorts and Security Guards, since 1994, has received training in the field of security by instructors from Israel, England, United States and Cuba, has formed several protection groups in the region, has also been certified as Director and Instructor by the Directorate General of Private Security Services DIGESSP, making a professional career in different private and governmental entities of Guatemala. Mr. Corzo is also a Retired Officer of the Municipal Fire Department of Guatemala where for many years he was an instructor at the Fire University Technical School, he was part of the Department of Engineering of the CBM, creator of several plans for prevention and safety, has been an Instructor for Training of instructors of several courses for Firemen endorsed by the Office of the United States of Disaster Assistance USAID and OFDA, has been an Advisor and Instructor on Occupational Health and Safety issues, as well as on disaster prevention and reduction issues. He has gained experience in the research area. For more than 25 years, his experience has been shared with thousands of people who seek to train as professionals of integral national and international security.

Eduardo Alejos


Instructor certified by the National Safety Council South Florida Chapter since 2006, Mr. Alejos has taught DDC-8 Evasive Defensive Management courses to multinational companies in Latin America. This course has helped to reduce the problem of traffic accidents through the training of drivers with the DDC-8 course of the National Safety Council of the United States and to create awareness and responsibility in the people who drive to take into account the consequences of all action when driving.

Fabián Tejada


A Colombian national, specialized in the Colombian Army, he has received security training in the Middle East. He is currently Project Manager of Security in Guatemala, working for Energy Companies, Oil Companies, diverse knowledge and personnel training in various areas. Likewise, he is a shooting and evasive defensive driving instructor for several private and governmental institutions in Colombia and Guatemala.

Francisco Flores


He was born in Mexico, starting his career at the Military Medical School of Mexico in 1992, teaching courses in Karate – Do and Personal Defense and Aquatic Rescue, he has been a security instructor for the National Defense Secretariat of Mexico. In 2001, he was discharged from the Mexican Army and awarded the Medal of Merit for services at the Army and Air Force University of Mexico. Upon his arrival in Guatemala in 2000, he has been Consultant and Security Advisor for the Secretariat of Administrative Affairs and Security of the Presidency of the Republic of Guatemala as well as other private entities and extensive experience in Protection of Personalities.

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