Shooting Range & Shooting Courses

Decisión Ejecutiva (DE) has two shooting ranges, duly authorized and registered by DIGECAM, available to individuals and companies. Adapted to specific training needs.
The facilities include a training room with air conditioning, desks, blackboards and multimedia equipment with a capacity of 30 people.
The facilities include a cafeteria and sports area, as well as green areas for dry practices and ample parking.

Shooting Courses
The responsibility in the proper knowledge of firearms is not limited to knowing how a gun is fired, the negligence and lack of knowledge in the handling of firearms have in most cases results of regrettable consequences.

It is for that professional responsibility that Decisión Ejecutiva (DE) with more than 23 years of experience in security at a national and international level, has a team of national and foreign professional shooting instructors, we develop training programs that will allow you to know in a professional and safe way the use of firearms.
Courses directed to private individuals:

  • Basic Shooting Course
  • Intermediate Shooting Course
  • Advanced Shooting Course
  • Shooting Course for Women

Executive Protection Professionals Shooting Course

This course is specially designed for the training of professional executive protection professionals, it’s one of most demanded courses by security professionals for its effectiveness and adaptability to compromised situations where the use of weapons is justified.
The system of defensive shooting deepens in the most tactical aspects of the use of firearms, without forgetting for a moment the legal connotations adapted to the private security regulations. This gives to the system an effective vision, far from the traditional sports or gallery systems, little or dangerously applicable to the daily work of an executive protection professional.

The course emphasizes the knowledge of the legal basis of the use of the weapon and safety in its handling and in the tactics applied to a previous design of protection and adaptation in conflict situations.

Our facilities have a special area to accommodate staff residing outside the city.

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