SELF Defense – Shadow Technique & Krav Maga

SHADOW TECHNIQUE – Master David Haliva

Master David Haliva, Dan 6 in Ninjitsu Koga Ryu belonged to one of the special anti-terrorist units of the Israeli army.
He developed a new self-defense technique derived from Ninjitsu “The Nine Cutting Hands”. In 2008, this technique was officially recognized and introduced in the official sports institute of the State of Israel, the Wingate Institute.

The technique

The Shadow technique is divided into nine principles of the movement against a physical threat and nine methods of response against attacks, with a variety of variations.

This technique successfully passed hundreds of tests with groups of responsible security personnel in strategic locations.
This technique joins the special combination and gives an optimal formation to react to a confrontation against assailants who use a knife or fire.

Self Defense – Krav Maga
Krav Maga is the official combat and personal defense system used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israeli police, security services, and security and military forces bodies worldwide, it has been developed and perfected for years, his techniques have been proven on numerous occasions in real confrontations, it is a simple system, based on simple and natural movements looking for maximum effectiveness.

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